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From the Yes to the 'I DO', you want every element to be just right and so we are always on hand to ensure everything is perfect.

AFJ Events is a full service, wedding organizer. Our services include: Decoration, Wedding Favors, Room Bookings, Guest Transportation (Land & Air), Entertainment (Music, Performers), Lighting & Sound requirements. READ MORE

AFJ Weddings will ensure your dream wedding is planned & executed not just professionally & creatively but with the personal emotions you expect to be invested in one of your most personnel events in life.

Each wedding & bridal shower décor is created along your story with impressions, colors, locations & memories spread around the venue & celebrations to make the day extra special.


We are a Wedding Planning company with a huge emphasis on our clients. We only take a limited number of events each year to ensure we can give our clients the attention they deserve. We believe that each wedding is unique, and by getting to know our clients personally we can ensure their event is a true reflection of them.

The ring's on your finger! Now what?

While you don’t have to set a firm date now, it’s smart to have an idea of what month or season you want to marry in. Then you’ll know how long you have to get things organized. Because your wedding’s size determines where you’ll hold the party, how much it will cost (prices usually rise per guest) and whether travel will be involved, creating a guest list is one of the most important things to do. So make your list; your fiancé and both families should do the same. You can, and likely will, cut later, but this first number will be your base. Here is a small advise blog when you can't decide what to do next!.


Planning on holding an event or just curious how things work? here is a quick round-up of some pratical techniques, events technology updates, local rules and regulations for UAE events industry and checklists to get you going. If you feel like adding your voice here, email us on hello@afjevents.com.
How to Use Social Media Walls for Events to Engage Attendees

A social media wall is one or multiple screens at your event that display posts and photos that are tagged with your event’s hashtag on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram...

Feel like a king but short on gold? | Reducing your event costs

Anyone can organize a meaningful event without having to hire an expensive venue and expensive AV equipment and work on improving your 2019 budget figures immediately...

Wondering how to improve sales in 2018?

VAT, the DTCM 10% fee, and event permit requirements are all things event managers have been planning in their event budgets for 2018 to ensure they maintain and improve their winning events.

Bored of the usual theatre and banquet table sets?

Looking at changing your event setup this time? We know the usual banquet and theatre seating can sometimes not be feasible for your event and sometimes its just a pure need for change to change!...

The 6 sacred rules of exhibition stand design

Building a remarkable trade show stand can be daunting. You somehow want it to be unique and eye-catchy. Your trade stands should be...

The ring's on your finger! Now what?

Just engaged? Wondering how to plan the big day? Here is a little planner to get you started...

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