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Experience Breakout 30

Escape Rooms, Mystery Treats and Horror Houses

Unlimited options including famous movie titles, themed as per your event or customized to focus your team's challenges.

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Breakout 30 | Escape Rooms and VR Activations 

Event Production

High Adrenaline Activation Any Place Anytime 

We can guarantee a fun and challenging experience that is sure to get the adrenaline pumping. A day with our Escape Room is a perfect activity for any team building day or community event where you would like to do something out of the ordinary.

Bust out of jail with the help of your friends. Prove your sanity by escaping from a twisted mental hospital. Work together to find a terrorist's hideout and foil his plans before innocent lives are lost.

No matter your group, no matter your skill level, Breakout 30 is ready to show you why we’re the best choice in next level escape rooms.

Interactive Holograms
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smaple image
Interactive Holograms
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Interactive Holograms
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Breakout 30 powered by AFJ Events Group provides you with a fun and fast escape gaming option for your team building activations and halloween attractions.


AR / VR Gamification Solution

Virtual reality is an immersive tool that allows for diverse strategies when it comes to integrating gamification. Similarly, augmented reality provides gamification at a more accessible level of gamification. Augmented reality lets users interact with the real world and augmented environment simultaneously.

We create a fun and engaging way for employees and customers to interact with traditionally mundane content through our teams based in Karachi and Lahore.

This can range from choosing the perfect paint for your house to onboarding a new employee onto a CRM tool.

Looking to boost company morale, increase productivity and improve performance levels within your business?

The Escape Room is an engaging, intelligent and fun experience which will make a lasting impression on your coworkers and on your company.

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Thoughts and Inspirations

We sketch all the time and do 3D illustrations and walkthroughs for our clients all the time but sometimes we like to write about our work, share what motivates us and where we get our inspirations from. If you want to learn more about what we do and how we do it, join us here to read and if you like, share your articles to keep each other motivated :)

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Managing an Engaging Hybrid / Virtual Event

To be human is to want to be seen and understood, to belong. Psychologists have told us this for years. If feeling unseen leads to disconnection, what can we do about this? Let’s endeavor to design all meetings and events for human connection and engagement.With the new individual inclusives trending, hybrid solutions are taking a decisive edge over the good old plain virtual. All great in the initial pandemic times when we thought our lockdowns will last just for a couple of weeks, the world is now settling into a more permanent view of distant participation, responsible behaviours and sustainable (economically & environmentally) solutions to speak, meet, discuss and transact while being a-part (pun intentded) of each other. Read more....

'Hybrid Events' The new face of MICE Industry Post COVID-19
#Covid19, #Virtualevent, #Hybridevents, #Studio, #Socialdistancing

It will take time before people feel comfortable in large gatherings again. But it doesn’t mean that events won’t happen in the meantime. As you rethink your event strategies and upskill your teams to work in the post COVID-19 events era, have a look at some of operations and offerings you can move / add digitally to your events.

Outreach with COVID around: Marketing n.0
#covid19, #marketing, #socialdistancing

The events industry is using this challenging time to prepare for a future of opportunity and to forge closer relationships with our customers, colleagues, members, partners and even competitors.

COVID19 & the Changing Face of the Events & Exhibitions Industry
#covid19, #marketing, #challenges

With a rapidly changing global economic landscape the Covid-19 global pandemic has permanently changed the events and exhibitions industry. What do we expect when the lockdown ends?

Sample image
How your company office could change in the post-coronavirus era
#socialmedia, #events

Exactly when employees will be heading back to work is still an unknown, but what is certain is that when it does happen, things at the office will almost certainly be very different.

Whatever stage you're at, we’re here to challenge your status quo and navigate you through the many pathways that turn great ideas into tangible value.

Still not convinced ? A few more of our worksamples to browse through...

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